The Veteran Series: Introduction

Dear diary,
In a few months, I’ll be celebrating 22 years of open, mostly unabashed geekness. As I feel myself growing ever older, and sometimes disconnected from the younger generations, I ponder upon those years and all I’ve been through. Oh, how the games have changed, how the players have grown, how my play style has refined … So many memories, and so little opportunities to relive them …Perhaps it’s time that I look back and share, see where my observations take me.

Welcome, reader, to the introduction of a series of article that I dubbed “The Veteran Series.” Why that name? Well, let’s try out some dialogue, it is one thing we do as roleplayers, is it not?

New Player: “Hi, new people! I’m glad to join your group!”
Game Master: “Cool, cool! Tell us a bit about yourself!”
NP: “Weeeeell, my name is Bianca, I’m thirty, I have two cats. I’ve only played once with my now ex-boyfriend, I think it was D&D. It was a while back anyway but I had a LOT of fun! Be kind with me?”
GM: “Which edition was it?”
NP: “Oh huh … I-I don’t know?”
GM: “Ok, how long ago was it?”
NP: “Five-ish years ago.”
GM: “Ah, 4E. I’m sorry you had to witness that. It’s sort of the black sheep of all editions. When I started playing 20 years ago, it was a whole different experience and it put a lot more emphasis on role-play and …”

I’ve done it. I’m sure you’ve done it: compare how long we’ve been playing, what editions we played first, which one’s our favourite, what obscure game we played, how difficult it was to find players back when people thought we actually were summoning demons! All that fun stuff.

I’m not sure why we do this. Could be one of many things: a misguided sense of superiority, the feeling of belonging to a group, the formation of a natural hierarchy. It’s a happy mix, most reasons harmless, although sometimes it can turn sour (stay tuned for more on that).

Seriously, though, I get it. We’ve seen shit. The more years you’ve played, the most shit you’ve seen. I just LOVE telling stories of my olden AD&D days, but I see that it could make others feel inadequate, when really that’s not how I see it … everyone has baggage, and I just like sharing mine because stories are fun!

If stories and rambling annoy you, maybe this series ain’t for you. Cause I’ll be grabbing my diary, and my hot cocoa and take you to a trip down memory lane.

Yep, back then, I played in French!

Dear diary,
Too late for regret! I’VE DONE THE THING! Well, started doing the thing. I guess it’s really gonna start in a week!


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