Soooooo … blogging, huh?

I’ve no idea what white rabbit brought you here, but well … here you are! So let me first say “Hiiiiii!”

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I guess it’s always a little nerve-wracking to write your first blog post and be like “OMG I have so many ideas, I just want to writewritewrite!” Then you get to thinking “But what should I write about?” I’ve juggled a few ideas, and decided that maybe I should just keep it simple. You know, talk about simple, obvious stuff like: Who’s that possibly-slightly-drunk-crazy-person? And what’s up with a blog in 2020, like, aren’t we in the age of vlog and YouTube and shit? Well, who knows. Read on to find out!

Ok, so that's my mug (and I don’t mean the ‘fun’ kind of mug, you know, the one filled with mead, I mean the unfun kind that involves a camera). Let’s go for a quick round of questions!

You look young, how old are you, really?
Mid-thirties. That’s the best you’re gonna get outta me, pal.

So what is it you do?
I huh… do a lot of things? Professionally speaking, I write content in a startup. As far as my hobbies are concerned, it’s a bit all over the place: watch movies and series, write, create worlds, play and run tabletop RPGs, play video games, read … y’know, fun stuff!

And huh, how did you get there?
Well, that’s a tough one. I have no idea. I’ve always been a geek, then my studies got real weird, real fast: fine arts, translation, history and sociology, then BAM! WOOOOOORK. After I got fed up of my hum semi-adult life, I returned to school for a master’s in librarianship and information which I don’t use, like at all. Then moved to another city and one thing kinda led to the other…

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Translation you say? What’s that strange accent I detect in your writing?
I like to say I’m polyglot: I speak French, English, sarcasm and dark humour. That being said I (can mostly) understand Spanish but it huh… got really rusty over the years.

Well that’s good and all but that doesn’t really tell you what I’m doing here, or what I plan on doing, or what YOU’RE doing here (wait I can’t answer that). I’ve done some writing for work, I do a lot of writing for my personal projects (and I have a LOT of them), and I also have a lot of things about a lot of things. That’s a lot of “a lots,” I know. I figured, why not put them down on paper … wait, scratch that, in a Woooooord document.

Thoughts about what? Well, this and that. Stuff that interests me. Mostly games (tabletop and video) and worldbuilding. I'm not sure what range of topics I'll go over but I'm thinking mostly various observations from my ... Many ... Many years as a gamer and geek and my dabbling into many fields.

It's not like liking these things make me an expert but let's put it this way: I've been a Game Master for 10 years, a FFXIV FC master for 5 years, been RPing and building worlds for like 20 years. So sure, my opinions are just that "opinion," not facts. But nothin' wrong with opinions, right?

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We’ll see if anything else comes up, it probably will because I can be a bit of a blabbermouth (and sometimes pottymouth). I doubt I’ll be making big splashes and going deep into topics, because I just want this to be light and fun but who knows if I’ll change my mind along the way!

About the tipsy thing ... I'm not really a drunk, but I have a long-honoured tradition of tanking (in FFXIV) and GMing while drinking. Now, since I don't have a car, that's my rough equivalent of drinking and driving (I know I live dangerously!) I'm not saying I'll drink while writing, but I'm not saying that I won't either ... 

Aaaaaaanyways, feel free to comment on any post, I can mostly be talked to… mostly. Let me know if you’re curious about anything else so I can tell you to fuck off (just kidding, or course!)

Thanks for sticking around this pretty long post and see ya next time.

(That's me, worried that you won't come back!)


  1. I wasn't able to hold some laughs as I read your introduction. Well, I'll just say "Ten Calma" and yes, of course, "Bienvenida". Just a little spanish to un-rust it, hehe.

    I arrived here not driven by a rabbit, but because I saw the link in the ttRPG Community and I'm always looking for new blogs to follow. Having said that, I'll keep an eye on your articles, and I'll seize the opportunity to formally invite you to join the RPG Blog Carnival in April, which I'll be hosting.

    Don't know what that is? Feel free to Google it... and/or to reach me.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    1. Hi hi!

      A big problem of mine is that my brain doesn't just calm down!

      The RPG Blog Carnival is actually a pretty cool concept! I have to admit I'm not 100% convinced I have an of how to approach the topic "Corners of the Multiverse" but maybe I'll wait for the introductory post to see if it sparks something :)

      Thank you for the warm walcome!


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